Unsung Producers: The Alchemist

With another installment of Unsung Producers which we highlight the producer(s) we consider non-mainstream, but have contributed a stellar amount of work to the culture of hip hop.  This edition is dedicated to The Alchemist. 

The Alchemist is from Beverly Hills, California and comes from the school of the legendary Soul Assassins which DJ Muggs helped guide his production career.  The Alchemist style can be described as grimy, rugged, scatter brained, simplistic yet effective enough for most rappers to get their point across.  He is a

sampled based producer who usually doesn’t loop and chop the obvious samples when using his notable production equipment, the Ensoniq ASR-10 and Akai MPC.  You can hear in his production style and based on his instrumental albums that he searches for the most obscure samples from around the world. 

The best thing about The Alchemist is he works with a lot of artist as the sole producer which makes the projects sound cohesive.  Some key examples are the collaborations he did with Prodigy of Mobb Deep called “Return of the Mac”, Curren$y’s “Covert Coup” and Action Bronson’s “Rare Chandeliers”.  Some notable artist he has produced for includes Mobb Deep (Get Away), Eminem (Chemical Warfare), Lil Wayne (You Ain’t Got Nuthin), Nas (Book Of Rhymes), 50 Cent (Body Bag), Kendrick Lamar (Fear) and Snoop Dogg (Lose Your Life)

The Alchemist has been around for over two decades and definitely is a veteran the people need to honor.  Salute to a great!!!!!!!!

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