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Charlotte Dos Santos - Watching You 

Introducing (to those who are unaware) Charlotte Dos Santos.  The best way to describe her sound?  A Sunday afternoon in the Spring, weather at a high of seventy five degrees, riding down a two lane backroad in the country, chilling without a care in the world.  She is a must if you want to listen to something casual and relax.  Salute!!!!



The "What If" Series (Hip Hop) 

The "What If" series consist of situations some wonder what would happen if these circumstances took place.  These questions may be basic or generic at first thought, but if you do your research and think if these events took place, it could have changed the course of life as we know it. 

1. What if Jay-Z retired after the Black Album and never returned? 

2. What if P. Diddy never continued to do music after The Notorious B.I.G's death? 

3. What if Dr Dre never left Death Row? 

4. What if Kanye decided to stay with Dame Dash instead of Jay-Z during the Roc-A-Fella split? 

5. What if Fat Joe never moved to Miami? 

Let's Discuss!!


Unsung Producers: Nottz aka Nottz Raw 

We want to give shine to the producers that are not in the spotlight as much, but have made great contributions to hip hop. 

Our first producer spotlight goes to Nottz aka Nottz Raw, who is truly the essence of hip hop production.   Nottz is from Norfolk, VA (VA is arguably the home of the best producers) and has produced for some of the greats including Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G., Scarface and Busta Rhymes. 

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Hus KingPin x DJ Caesar - The Coming Of Wave 

It's always great to see a DJ work with an artist and help each other succeed.  Generally, the DJ is to play the records for the people and the artist is to simply create.  When you blend the world's together, magic happens.  DJ Caesar and Hus KingPin has done such by blessing the world with their EP entitled "The Coming Of Wave". 

"Wave Jesus" proved Hus KingPin can blend the elements of modern trap and boom bap without loosing integrity in his music. The highlight track on the project is "Mind Sex God". This song manages to have hardbody production while talking fly,  which displays the originality in his style. The sound which we stumbled upon Hus KingPin and became supporters was similar to the sound of "Only For Pretty Girls" ft. Supreme Cerebral, which personally is the toughest, grittiest sounding record on the project. This song is a recommend listen and a great gauge of his style if you never heard of him. 

In 18 minutes, DJ Caesar and Hus KingPin has provided a great product that will continue their WAVE!!!! Salute!!!!