Royce 5'9" - Field Negro (Prod. By Royce 5'9")

Royce 5'9" released lyrically dense smoker. Great content for Black History Month!!!! Salute!!!!!

Potent Lines: 

1. "How is y'all the kings and you ain't got royalties?"

2. "Every artist in the game are phony 

Producer's Discussion

In today’s music industry, it is always great to have more than one skill.  Rappers will sing, label owners rap, singers are the marketing and promotion team, etc.  But, let’s focus on the producer. 

A producer is the most dangerous asset to have on your team.  They are the builders of the sound, creators of the soundscape that will help guide an artist to be competitive and reveal talents they may have not known existed.  But, what if a producer decides to be the engineer, mixer and an artist?  Let’s explain the negatives and positives for this situation. 

Producer's Discussion

What are the differences between  DJ Mustard, Cardo, Hit Boy, Metro Boomin and DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Buckwild and The Alchemist?  Before answering that question, let's discuss the differences between Analog and Digital Producers. 


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