Studio Talks
Welcome to our Studio Talks, a podcast with no filter. Listen and watch as we speak on
current events, music, sports, producers problems and other various topics. Oh yeah did we mention 


Fat Drama Back!  

Welcome, Fat Drama Back!!! In this podcast, we talk DJ Kahlid "Father of Asahd" album, Joyner Lucas ft Logic Isis track, DJ Premier (feat. Westside Gunn, Conway & Benny) Headlines record. What's up with TDE? We review the Wu-Tang of Mics and Men documentary. For producer talk we facetime producer Army Zenn and E Dot The Soundman and we discuss what is/makes an elite producer? Ty gives his BBQ Do's and Dont's. Enjoy

Studio Talks The Refresh Edition  

WELCOME BACK! Studio Talks The Refresh Edition. We talk about new music. Travis Scott and his Super Bowl performance. Is he wrong for not supporting Colin Kaepernick?  Soulja Boy and his "Entrapanorship" (LOL). Chris Brown's "Rape" allegations and our Grammy predictions. We end it with producer talk as we switched DAWs from Logic Pro X to Studio One 4.